The camping experience is central to the residential aspect offered at Cuffley Camp. Each village is set within its own area inside the woodland grounds and is equipped with its own area for a campfire, sheltered group work space and cooking area complete with gas stoves and water. Accommodation is available from March to November.

All accommodation is positioned close to the group leader’s accommodation and the camping village is exclusively for the allocated group’s sole use during the duration of their stay.  Cuffley Camp staff will be happy to assist in any arrangements for setting up accommodation according to the group’s needs.

Currently the accommodation comprises of:

Cabin village

Cuff Cabin

One village with wooden cabins equipped with bunk beds and mattresses to sleep 6.

Under Canvas Villages

Cuff Accomm

Cuffley Camp has 4 villages with platform tents and 5 with frame tents.

Platform Tents

Platform tents can accommodate 6 people. The platforms raise the tent off the ground keeping it dry and help keeping it clean and giving a flat surface for the sleeping mattresses.  Mattresses are provided for each user to ensure that they have a dry and cosy night sleep.

Frame Tents

Each frame tent is fitted with sleeping compartments with a sown in ground sheet and each user is provided with a sleeping mattress to ensure they have a dry and cosy night.

Group Leaders' Accommodation

Group leaders are accommodated in two berth cabins located in the camping village and interspersed amongst the group’s accommodation.


Toilet and shower facilities are available on site with separate areas for adults and young people/children.
The centre also has 4 group work rooms that are available for the use.

For further details and to discuss requirements regarding the accommodation available please contact Cuffley Camp on 01707 872632.