Learning Outside the Classroom (Outdoor education)

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Outdoor Education Centres:

Hertfordshire County Council has four outdoor activity centres, each offering a different range of exciting and challenging activities for learning outside the classroom.

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The four centres are:

Activities can be directly related to curriculum requirements (e.g. A’ level field studies) or can otherwise contribute to the motivation, personal and social development of students, including group work skills, building self-esteem and decision-making. A wide range of water and land-based activities that appeal across different age groups are available, including high ropes and low ropes, archery and mountain-biking. These have recently been introduced at Cuffley Camp and Hudnall Park. Centres and facilities can also be hired for events for adults such as team-building or as meeting venues.

Visits, programmes and activities can be tailored to the requirements of schools, community groups or private enquirers. To request a quote, please first visit the centres by clicking the links above, then contact via the contact details given for the relevant centre.


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